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About us

Aficine, we are a business group born from the union of two Mallorcan business families, Salas and Servera, historically linked to the exhibition of cinema on the island. We embarked on a common path, which little by little has been consolidating and expanding in the islands. Today, Aficine is the leading film exhibition company in the Balearic Islands, with 6 multiplexes, each with its own personality.
6 multiplexes, each of them with its own personality
40 theaters, 7,461 seats and more than 25,000 members. In this way, at Aficine we are the only ones to offer you at the same time all the
the entire billboard
both in VOSE and Dubbed Version, as well as offering other genres of entertainment and culture (opera and ballet, exhibitions, social initiatives…). From the conventional cinema to the most renovated with the latest 4D technologies.

Aficine, we are your traditional movie theaters and your movie theaters of today. YOUR nearest cinemas designed for you, always at the best price.

Be part of the Balearic film buff family with our
Aficine membership card
totally free of charge. Take advantage of benefits,
and gifts. Also, follow us on our networks and find out all the news.

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