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School Groups

The Aficine group has created a program of events exclusively for children and young people, “EducAficine”. Opera, ballet, art… and cinema productions on the big screen so that they can discover these genres in a different and more entertaining way.

RESERVE always through the Form

Form to be completed and sent by the person in charge of the center. Regarding the content to be chosen, if it is the option “MOVIES ON SCREEN” please specify the title and language in the comments box.

Aficine will reply confirming the reservation. If there are any problems with dates or capacity, we will contact the center as soon as possible.

The amount will be paid in cash on the same day of the scheduled session.

Show up at the movie theater agreed upon in your application 15 minutes before the start time of the screening.


All requests must be received and managed by aficine at least one week in advance.

Unless other conditions regarding price and number of students are indicated, the minimum number of children must be more than 50 children (if less, please consult if it is possible).

Price 4,00€ as long as the minimum number of students is 50.

For capacity reasons, Aficine may change the screening date by informing in advance.

If the chosen event is not available, Aficine will provide the group with the best possible alternative.

Each center must complete as many registration forms as sessions contracted.

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